Smart Card Shoe






Smart Card Shoe for Shuffle Tech

Following the successful development and launch of the MDS-6 card shuffler Shuffle Tech founder and Porticos Asia board member Rick Schultz approached us to develop a smart card shoe for baccarat and other card games.

The smart card shoe uses patented infrared technology which comprises a high-speed camera to scan playing cards as they are dealt and an onboard computer to convert images captured into information on the card suit and number. It can then signal when a round of play has been completed and display the cards dealt on an integrated display.

A high degree of accuracy is absolutely critical. Errors in card reading are simply not acceptable. Thus, firmware had to be developed to recognize a wide range of playing card designs without any mistakes. Also, the dealer’s first impression is critical to the product’s acceptance so the design must allow for the smooth, trouble free card dealing. To achieve this objective precision machined aluminium parts were used. Additionally,  a variety of security features had to be seamlessly integrated such as an alarm for unauthorized card compartment removal and a physical block to stop further cards from being dealt once a round has been completed.

Porticos Asia developed the hardware design, mechanical and electrical, from the first proof of concept to final product. Working with the firmware developer in Europe multiple rounds of prototypes were developed and thousands of rounds played to gradually fine-tune the design and optimize reliability. 

Various manufacturing solutions were investigated and finally the decision was taken to carry out the manufacturing in-house. This allows us to ensure the high-quality standards that required are met. Over 20 suppliers have been identified – each carefully selected for reliability, quality and cost-competitiveness. And for all custom parts our quality team is on site to monitor production. Once parts have passed inspection they are then consigned to our facility in Hong Kong for final assembly and testing.