Spooler for Automated Medicine Dispensation


Spencer Health Solutions





From handover of design to first delivery in 12 weeks

Spencer Health Solutions needed a turnkey solution for their spooler for automated medicine dispensation and selected Porticos because of our experience in medical product development and manufacturing. Together Porticos US and Porticos Asia were able to provide a one stop service with a seamless transition from design to production.

Managing multiple medications is critical with patients often taking the wrong medication or forgetting altogether. Spencer Health Solutions developed a healthcare ecosystem that not only dispenses medicine and sends alerts for 95% medication adherence but is also the hub of a connected health network keeping patients, care givers and pharmacists in touch. For a core component in this ecosystem Spencer Health Solutions engaged Porticos US for the engineering design and Porticos Asia for the industrialization and manufacturing.

Following the product engineering by Porticos US the design was transferred to Porticos Asia and in just 12 weeks the first products were shipped.

A complete solution for industrialization and production

In achieving this very aggressive schedule for development and production Porticos Asia:

  • Identified a network of suitable suppliers with TS 16949 automotive or ISO 13485 medical certification for the injection molded plastic parts, metal stamping parts and final assembly and testing.
  • Managed tooling development, first article inspection, tool modifications and final sample preparation.
  • Developed the quality plan for incoming quality control, in-process quality control and outgoing quality control for parts, sub-assemblies and the finished product
  • Coordinated the delivery of all parts from designated vendors.
  • Managed the preparation of work instructions and worker training for final assembly and testing.
  • Managed pilot production and the following initial production run.

Throughout the development phase having the Porticos Asia team on the ground proved invaluable to Spencer Health Solutions in being able to resolve the various issues that arose during the ramp-up to production without impacting on the cost, quality or schedule.

A testament to the excellence of engineering design and production is the fact that so few issues were found when testing the first production units. Following the successful completion of the initial production run the focus has shifted to the further localization of parts and rationalization of the manufacturing and quality processes to provide Spencer Health Solutions with further cost savings.