Unity Land Mobile Radio






Product development and production for telecommunications industry

Porticos Asia has a history of product development and production for L3Harris that stretches back more than ten years. Porticos Asia’s relationship with L3Harris (formerly Harris Communications) started in 2008 when our previous company was engaged to manufacture the Unity Land Mobile Radio (LMR).

The Unity LMR, a fully encrypted, multi-spectrum radio, represented the first foray of L3Harris, a leader in telecommunication products, into the public services sector. The complete product, with the exception of the main PCBAs was shipped to L3Harris in Rochester, NY for final testing and assembly. Over fifteen suppliers covering a wide range of manufacturing processes were identified and managed according to extremely high quality standards. These included suppliers of metal die castings, CNC machined parts, , double and single plastic injection moldings and PCBAs. All parts were shipped to a purpose-built final assembly and testing facility, again subject to very robust quality control processes.

8-year production run with 0 DPPM

Production of the Unity LMR ran for eight years at the end of which formal recognition was given for the “phenomenal” quality received, a 100% Quality Level with 0 DPPM.

Following the success of the partnership for the Unity LMR production Porticos Asia continues to be a supplier for L3Harris providing a numerous parts and sub-assemblies for a range of telecommunication products.