Telepatch Cardiac Monitoring System






Product development and manufacturing services for heart monitoring system

Since 2017 Porticos Asia has supported the production of one of Medicomp’s patented, state-of-the-art electrocardiographic devices, the core component of the Telepatch cardiac monitoring system.

Medicomp is a pioneer in diagnostic cardiology. Since 1981 it has been at the forefront of the cardiac telemedicine industry developing and providing services for one of the world’s most sophisticated and reliable heart-monitoring systems.

Engineered by Porticos US, manufactured by Porticos Asia

Porticos Asia was selected as a production partner for this Porticos US engineered product in part because of our experience in medical product development and manufacturing. During the ramp-up to production Porticos Asia was able to make a number of important design for manufacturing improvements and reduce costs and having a team on the ground has proved invaluable in ensuring quality, cost and delivery targets are met.

By identifying and managing the supply chain or more than ten vendors needed for production Porticos Asia has been able to greatly reduce the project management resources utilized by Medicomp as well as eliminate the uncertainty inherent in working remotely.

Because of Medicomp’s satisfaction with the level of service provided Porticos Asia has been engaged for the design for manufacturing and production of a number of other products in the Telepatch system including the dual patch used to fix the core electrocardiographic device to the patient’s chest, the battery pack used to power the device and a new patch design.