Engineering and Production for iSirona™ Connectivity Hub for Masimo

At Porticos Asia we have built up a wealth of production experience in the field of medical devices. For Masimo we provided a turnkey solution with Porticos US and Device Solutions for the engineering, design for manufacturing and production of the iSirona Connectivity Hub.

The iSirona Connectivity Hub™ is designed to maximise interoperability across the continuum of care. It physically connects up to six bedside medical devices and routes the data automatically to Masimo’s Hospital Automation Platform, a connectivity solution that provides electronic medical record integration, surveillance monitoring, alarm management, mobile notifications, smart displays and analytics. By allowing hospitals to connect most medical devices iSirona helps reduce the manual charting of data and transcription errors. At the same time it gives clinicians access to patient data whenever, wherever and however they want to view it.

The iSirona Hub was designed by Porticos US and Device Solutions as a compact device ideal for operating rooms and ICUs where space is at a premium. It can be wall mounted or directly mounted to a medical device and features an on-board battery allowing for continuous operation in the event of a power outage or loss of network connectivity. 

Porticos Asia worked closely with Porticos US and Device Solutions during the design engineering phase to provide timely design for manufacturing input whilst at the same time ensuring cost targets were met. For industrialization we identified over ten suppliers from our SE Asia supply base and worked closely with each supplier to ensure on-time production start. Also, having worked with Masimo to define the quality plan, our team closely continues to monitor production at each supplier with in-process quality control

Having a team on the ground to directly manage suppliers allowed Porticos Asia to successfully achieve TÜV factory certification and address various production teething problems whilst ensuring on-time delivery with zero defect rate for the first production batch. This was achieved despite the Masimo team not being able to visit SE Asia due to the pandemic related travel restrictions.