Conservation Labs engaged Porticos US and Porticos Asia to support the mechanical engineering design and production of parts for H2Know, their innovative smart water monitor.


According to the UN, by 2030 water demand will exceed supply by 40%, at present consumption rates. Consumption rates can be dramatically reduced by tackling wastage by  better conservation and leakages. In the US alone there are over 3 trillion gallons of unwanted water use yearly. 


Each time you do the dishes, flush the toilet or use water for any number of purposes it creates a unique sound signature. H2Know uses patented technology and machine learning to translate water flow harmonics into accurate estimates for water flow and to provide leakage alerts and other insights. This data is displayed on an H2Know app for easy-to-read updates allowing you to take action in real-time.


When developing the first product using his unique technology Mark Kovscek, Founder and CEO at Conservation Labs approached Porticos US to provide mechanical engineering design support and later engaged Porticos Asia to provide design for manufacturing and production services. Our work for Conservation Labs included extensive studies on the type of rubber to be used for the strap that secures H2Know to the water pipe. The rubber has to hold H2Know in position over extended periods to ensure the water flow signatures can be accurately recorded.


Having developed the design for manufacturing and identified a team of suppliers for production we developed the plastic and rubber molding tooling and now manage production. For every production run the Porticos Asia team is on site for quality control to ensure the parts are produced according to the specified standards.


We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Conservation Labs on other ground-breaking products designed to better manage our natural resources.