From Design to Delivery

Delivering exceptional products requires expertise across a wide range of disciplines. Together with partner Porticos US, Porticos Asia has the skills and experience to be able to offer a total solution from initial concept to production. Read more to learn about the services offered.

Product Engineering Design

  • Award winning mechanical, electrical and firmware design
  • Team of over 30 engineers with more than 150 patents awarded
  • For more details visit our partner Porticos US

Design for Manufacturing
  • Optimization of manufacturing and quality processes
  • Cost reduction initiatives
  • Localization of parts and materials
  • Developing the design for production on time and within budget
  • Construction of tools, jigs and fixtures
  • Production layout and preparation of assembly and testing instructions
Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier selection from our trusted and comprehensive network in SE Asia
  • Multiple options for parts and finished products
  • Continuous assessment to maintain and expand supply base
  • In-house production facility for improved quality control and IP protection
  • Decades of experience in manufacturing from low to high volumes for wide range of products
Quality Control
  • Development and implementation of quality plan
  • Continuous on-site quality control
  • Rapid intervention when resolving quality issues
  • Shipment by sea and air from Hong Kong with unrivaled delivery times
  • Management of complex customs issues for transfer of goods within Asia and to customer