From Design to Delivery

Supply Chain Management

  • Supplier selection from our trusted and comprehensive network in SE Asia
  • Multiple options for parts and finished products
  • Continuous assessment to maintain and expand supply base

Supply chain management is critical not least because when a supplier’s performance is unsatisfactory and a change in supplier is needed such a transfer can be problematic. The only way to properly assess a suppliers’ capabilities is to conduct an audit and even then, without an understanding of what to look for, an audit may not reveal the true picture. For example, a plastic tool making and injection molding facility may be equipped with the latest machinery or be certified ISO 9001 but without a strong management team the equipment may not be properly maintained or the ISO 9001 procedures not followed.

For the manufacture of a product Porticos Asia has built up an extensive network of suppliers across SE Asia. For supply chain management, which can involve more than ten vendors, either the customer has a team on the ground or company is engaged to do so on behalf of the customer. Remote management in most instances is not effective, leading to production issues. A partner is needed in situ, not only to carry out the initial inspection but to manage production to ensure quality standards and delivery times are met for every production run for the life of the product. Also, when issues occur Porticos Asia staff can be on site within a few hours to ensure problems are resolved so as to avoid any disruption to production.

By stationing our team at the tier one suppliers each time production takes place Porticos Asia can not only ensure production and quality processes are adhered to but informally, by constantly engaging with a supplier’s staff, have advanced warning of major changes in a vendor’s status such as a merger with another company, the resignation of key management or a worsening company finances.

Once the suppliers have been established it is important to develop and implement a comprehensive quality control plan.