From Design to Delivery


  • In-house production facility for improved quality control and IP protection
  • Decades of experience in manufacturing from low to high volumes for wide range of products

We have decades of experience with product manufacturing. Capitalizing on this know-how Porticos Asia has established a facility in Hong Kong for the final assembly and testing of parts produced in SE Asia and elsewhere. For contained volumes production in Hong Kong is now at cost parity with China. In addition, Hong Kong offers a number of advantages over China and other SE Asian locations:

  • Strong IP protection: Companies have recourse to Hong Kong’s robust legal system for the defence of their IP.
  • Business friendly environment: Safe and convenient with a competitive, well-trained labor force, Hong Kong remains an attractive place to do business.
  • Logistics efficiency: Hong Kong enjoys duty-free trade with and excellent air and sea freight connections to the rest of the world
  • Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA): Under CEPA products manufactured in Hong Kong can be exported to Mainland China with zero tariff

In instances where manufacturing with third-party facilities offers a more competitive solution, such as when a product is produced in larger volumes or requires specialized production and/or testing equipment, the Porticos Asia team has the skills needed to source and manage the appropriate suppliers. We have managed the production of a large number of products in a wide range of fields. Our team will work with the chosen supplier to establish the quality plan, work instructions, manufacturing and quality processes, worker training etc. and for every production run will station staff on the production line to ensure compliance.

Find out more about how we implement quality control during production.