From Design to Delivery


  • Shipment by sea and air from Hong Kong with unrivaled delivery times
  • Management of complex customs issues for transfer of goods within Asia and to customer

We provide support for air and sea freight logistics for the products we manufacture. For the transportation of parts between suppliers or finished goods to our customers we are experienced in managing shipments to ensure safe and fast deliveries.

Hong Kong has advanced air and sea connections with the rest of the world and is a duty-free port for the vast majority of products making the receipt of parts and materials and delivery of products extremely efficient. By locating its final assembly and testing facility in Hong Kong Porticos Asia is able to take advantage of Hong Kong’s effective world-class logistics for unrivalled delivery times.

Transferring goods to and from SE Asian suppliers is can be less than straightforward due to complex customs rules but the Porticos Asia team is experienced in dealing with local import and export regulations and so is able to handle such procedures on the customer’s behalf.

Customs regulations in some instances are becoming more onerous with tariffs and required documentation increasing but whether goods are delivered by sea or air Porticos Asia will work with one of a select number of forwarders to help the customer navigate these often complex requirements for the safe and timely delivery of orders. No matter what type of support for air and sea freight logistics are needed we can ensure on-time and secure consignment – whether deliveries are from the factory gate to the customer’s own logistics company or door-to-door with all documentation handled and duties paid for.