From Design to Delivery

Product Engineering Design

  • Award winning mechanical, electrical and firmware design
  • Team of over 30 engineers with more than 150 patents awarded
  • For more details visit our partner Porticos US

For clients seeking a turnkey solution Porticos Asia’s American partner Porticos US provides a full product engineering design service encompassing electronic and mechanical engineering and software development.

The engineers of Porticos US work closely with the clients’ stakeholders to define quantifiable and demonstrable requirements for the new product. Some of those requirements will imply significant technical challenges, and the ability to resolve these is what sets Porticos US apart. Well-credentialed engineers combine experience with inspiration, judgment with imagination. Concepts are developed to deal with the biggest challenges first and are then verified with from every aspect through calculation, simulation, and experimentation. The goal is to demonstrate that an innovative approach is practical and that a solution exists and is suitable for the client’s product. The numerous patents Porticos US have received are a testament to that process.

Products that are designed for higher volume production must be meticulously well-engineered.  Careful attention is given to the many factors that can influence factory yield or field performance, from high-level architecture down to component-selection. Every aspect of the design must represent the best balance of risk, performance, and economy. The engineers of Porticos US utilize cutting edge tools to generate, document, and validate every aspect of the design. Whether it’s a mechanical drawing, an electrical schematic, a PCB layout, or source-code, Porticos US can be relied on to do it well, professionally, and efficiently.

Porticos US employs a number of checks along with way to ensure that the best possible mechanical and electronic engineering and software development is being provided for the client. Design Reviews represent an opportunity to question every aspect of the design and look for even better alternatives. Failure Mode Effects Analyses help to quantify risks and ensure a solid contingency plan is in place for each one.

Product engineering doesn’t stop with the product’s launch.  Inevitably, there will be types of field-abuse that nobody anticipated: there will be yield issues that must be tracked down by an experienced diagnostician; there will be life-cycle issues (e.g., component-obsolescence) that require small engineering changes to resolve; and, of course, there will be opportunities to improve the product based on real customer feedback. Porticos US is always eager to remain involved in a sustaining engineering capacity to ensure that a new product is always the best one on the market.

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