December 29, 2020


From Design to Production for a Hidden Card Marking Detector

Shuffle Tech engaged Porticos Asia to provide a one-stop solution, from design to production, for the UVIR-1, a hidden card marking detector. The UVIR-1 is the second product to be launched in a series of products being developed by us for Shuffle Tech. 

UVIR-1 Hidden Card Marking Detector

Cheating at cards using hidden card markings is a constant problem for gaming companies. The UVIR-1 helps catch card cheats by Cheating at cards using hidden card markings is a constant problem for gaming companies. Using specially designed glasses cheats can detect markings not visible to others and so gain the upper hand in a card game. The UVIR-1 helps catch card cheats by detecting such hidden markings. Using an ultra-sensitive camera and adjustable visible, IR and UV light sources all kinds of markings that are not normally visible are revealed.

We designed and built the UVIR-1 for reliability and long-lasting performance. The housing is made of precision CNC machined, anodised aluminium and has been engineered to be assembled using just six screws. On the inside, the highest quality components have been selected for the electronic circuitry.

To ensure design quality we put the UVIR-1 through rigorous testing. Tests included, environmental tests (high and low temperature and high humidity), vibration and drop tests and a burn-in test.

This is truly a complete design to production solution. A number of industrial design solutions were developed for the customer to make the final selection. Following this, Porticos Asia developed and tested the mechanical and electrical design and conducted a design for manufacturing assessment.

We set up the entire supply chain, identifying the vendors for the mechanical and electronic design and developed the quality plan for in-process and outgoing inspection and testing to ensure the quality standards are met.

Furthermore, we are manufacturing the UVIR-1 in our own factory. To prepare for production we designed the production layout and developed the working instructions for assembly and testing of the UVIR-1.

If you are looking for a product development and production partner and think Porticos Asia might be able to help drop us a line, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.