October 20, 2020


From Concept to Production: Six-Deck Card Shuffler

In providing a turnkey solution we managed the MDS-6 six-deck card shuffler from concept to production. The MDS-6 is the first product in a series of gaming products to be developed and manufactured by us for Shuffle Tech. Porticos Asia was responsible for the entire project including engineering design, design for manufacturing, industrialization, quality control and shipping logistics with direct delivery to end customers.

It is mesmerizing to watch the six-deck shuffler in operation but it took multiple prototypes and hundreds of hours of testing to fine tune the design and achieve a smooth shuffling function.

Shuffle Tech asked Porticos Asia to provide a one-stop solution from concept to production for a reliable and robust automatic six-deck card shuffler. The brief was zero shuffling mishaps (blockages, flipped cards etc.) in a hundred shuffling cycles.

Once a proof-of-concept prototype had been built to verify the shuffling mechanism the industrial, mechanical and electrical design was fine-tuned for 100% shuffling reliability. Also, the design was developed to allow easy servicing with the core mechanism contained in an easily replaceable module.

For production Porticos Asia established the supply chain, identifying production partners for the plastic injection molded parts, motor, other components of the shuffling mechanism and final assembly and testing.

Not only was our quality control team was on site to monitor the first production run but we will oversee every production run for the life of the product. This way we will be able to ensure quality standards are consistently maintained and also resolve immediately any issues that arise.

In providing a complete solution we are holding inventory in our Hong Kong warehouse and shipping orders direct to end customers. In doing so we are able to eliminate the need for warehousing in the destination countries and so cut costs and shorten delivery times greatly.

If you are looking for a product development and production partner and think we might be able to help drop us a line, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.