Excellence in product development and manufacturing

For decades we have helped companies from start-ups to global corporations industrialize and manufacture their products. We have broad and deep experience having worked on numerous projects in a wide range of fields including medical and telecommunications.

Founding partners Sam Ribet, Billy Fong and Greg Patterson first met in 2008 when working with different organizations for the same customers. For companies including Iridium Communications and L3Harris Technologies Greg provided engineering services with his company Porticos US whilst Sam and Billy provided product development and manufacturing services. Realizing the value to customer in offering a complete service from design to delivery and because they worked so well together in 2016 they decided to establish Porticos Asia.

Later, in 2019, long term customer Rick Schultz decided to join Porticos Asia as a director. Together they bring decades of experience to their work for customers seeking product development and production support.

Located in the heart of SE Asia

Porticos Asia is headquartered in Hong Kong, the gateway to SE Asia. Hong Kong’s central location makes it the ideal location for sourcing parts around SE Asia for final assembly and testing. Our 4,000 sq. ft. facility combines offices for management and engineering with testing facilities, a space for production and a warehouse for incoming parts and outgoing finished products.

In addition, Porticos Asia has an office in Shenzhen, China, where our production and quality engineers are stationed as well as a third office in Singapore catering for customers wishing to leverage manufacturers in Batam, Indonesia, just a short ferry trip from Singapore.